Rules for using this website

Use: The or commonly known as “Broker Caravan” is a courtesy to all licensed real estate agents for the purpose of creating a medium to allow agents to provide exposure for their current listings to other agents.   Although it is intended for real estate agents, the public is welcome to attend

How it works: is a self-guided tour. You may start or stop at any open house on the list. Visit as many homes as you like at your own pace.

Sign In/Join: Real Estate agents are required to “join” so that they can post, edit and delete their own entries in real time. There is no cost to join. Limited information is required such as agent name, phone number, email address, and brokerage name.


  • Posting an Open House: Any person wishing to post a property on this website must be an active, licensed, Florida Real Estate agent. This site is not for FSBO (for sale by owner) properties or a homeowner using a listing service to put their property on MLS. Any FSBO listing will be deleted without notice!                                                                                                
  • No Drive-Bys: I agree that all properties that I post will be attended by myself or a someone represented by me. Drive-By listings will be deleted without notice! 
  • Repetitive Listings: I agree and understand that I will not post any same property that I am listing more than 3 times in a 60 day period. Repetitive listings will be deleted without notice! 
  • MLS Numbers: Please help us protect the integrity of the site’s content by having a signed listing agreement and by providing accurate Multiple Listing Numbers.

Posting Time: You may submit a posting for the next week’s caravan the day after the previous caravan ended. For example, if the weekly caravan is Wednesday, you may post your new caravan Thursday after 12:00 am for the following week’s caravan. Posting and editing should be completed before midnight the night before a caravan. For example, if the weekly caravan is Wednesday, you should post or edit your open house before midnight Tuesday.

Posting a Photo: Agents are encouraged to post a photo of the subject property when posting an open house. Photos will create additional exposure for your listing as well as assist other agents and subscribers to find your open house more easily.

Neighborhood/Community: This information is required in an attempt to organize or group all open houses is a community together and for creating groups or progressive open houses.

Editing your posting: You may edit or delete your posting by signing into the website with your user name and password. All edits must be made before midnight the night before the weekly caravan. An email with a link to the website will be emailed to all subscribers early on the morning of the caravan.

Community Restrictions: Any community restrictions are the responsibility of the Real Estate agent posting their open house. Some communities may only allow open houses on certain days and times. is not responsible for posting any restrictions.

Join the mailing list: Agents and other Real Estate Professionals are encouraged to join the weekly mailing list. An email with a link to the website will be emailed to all subscribers early on the morning of the caravan.  Joining the mailing list is a COURTESY to the Real Estate professional. You may unsubscribe anytime.

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